We provide legal and business consulting across a range of industries for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to global industry leaders. 



energy infrastructure

We have extensive experience in the renewable energy industry and we are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of owners, developers, contractors, financiers, suppliers and other entrepreneurs in the industry.

From dirt to distribution, we understand the nuances of acquiring, developing, constructing, operating and selling renewable projects, and have years of experience in the following areas:

  • Project acquisition and sale (M&A)

  • Negotiation of the following types of development agreements:

    • Power Purchase Agreements

    • EPC Agreements

    • Supply Agreements

    • O&M Agreements

  • Structuring joint ventures and co-development agreements

  • Advising on investment in energy projects

  • Formation of project companies

  • Dispute resolution


10+ GW


5.5+ GW

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7+ GW

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In one sense, nearly every 21st century company is a technology company: the systems that your business employs for knowledge harvesting, creation, organization and distribution will define your future success. We've seen first hand the technology industry's transformation of nearly every other industry, including some of the most traditional and insulated, including energy, transportation and legal services. With our Northern California office, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the tech industry. Understanding changing dynamics between the law and tech industries not only allows us to provide superior consulting services, turning knowledge into value, but it also helps us to ensure that our firm remains on the cutting edge of innovation in our own industry.

With combined decades of technology industry experience, we are particularly skilled with:

  • Corporate governance

  • Commercial transactions

  • Intellectual property strategy

  • Intellectual property licensing

  • M&A negotiations and due diligence

  • Structuring joint ventures and co-development agreements


early-stage ventures

A legal strategy usually isn't the first priority when you're starting a business. However, as a business founder, you will make a number of critical business decisions at an early stage with potential short and long term legal implications, starting with the entity formation process. We've helped young organizations go from concept to corporation, including partnership agreements and special entity formation, and we've guided companies through business-critical decisions at later phases of development. 

We offer particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Entity formation

  • Corporate governance and shareholder issues

  • Commercial transactions

  • Intellectual property strategy development (patents, trademarks, trade secrets)

  • Intellectual property licensing

  • Internal legal process development

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Structuring joint ventures and co-development agreements