A law firm where you actually want to work.

Many attorneys  would rightly be skeptical of such a statement.   But we're out to run a different kind of firm:

  • We emphasize training and development, to ensure that tomorrow’s legal professionals have the proper skills to be successful advisers, whether in private practice or in-house.  We are dedicated to cross-training and skill building that may not be adequately received in law school, and we think that the long-term payoffs are well worth the investment.

  • We are one firm.   It is often said that many law firms, particularly larger ones, are just aggregations of different groups of lawyers who happen to share a common website and the same nameplate on the door.   We have structured our firm, including our incentives, around the idea that success will be achieved through collective responsibility. We take the “long view” with our clients, and with our own people, for our success and yours.   

  • We work to live.   Not the other way around.  Our goals and expectations are built around that principle.  


If you are interested in working with us, email us at len@dufour-law.com.   We consider part-time and flexible arrangements, and may offer competitively paid internships for current students.